13 December 2023

Information is power, and there are few tools in scholarly publishing more powerful than altmetrics. But in an online world where perspectives are fast becoming skewed by AI, will altmetrics continue to be a trusted measure of how much of an impression [ read more ]

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12 December 2023

I’m a person whose happy place is a mythical wonderland of orderly, correctly filed information, traceable data records, comprehensive style templates and all-round resource efficiency. I know – a real party animal! Which is why I was drawn into Andrea Chiarelli’s post [ read more ]

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6 December 2023

It’s a well-known observation that job-seeking and recruitment tends to increase dramatically in the first few weeks of the New Year – and I know I’ve been guilty in the past of succumbing to that mood of looking back on the year [ read more ]

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17 November 2023

World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week starts tomorrow (18–24 November) – let’s all do our bit to make sure we can still fight infections in the years to come.

Find out how at:

💊 https://www.who.int/news/item/06-06-2023-world-antimicrobial-awareness-week-(waaw)-will-now-be-world-amr-awareness-week

💊 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/european-antibiotic-awareness-day-resources-toolkit-for-healthcare-professionals-in-england/world-antimicrobial-awareness-week-waaw-and-european-antibiotic-awareness-day-eaad

💊 https://www.ed.ac.uk/edinburgh-infectious-diseases/news/upcoming-events/waaw-2023-antifungal-resistance

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14 November 2023

The Society of Scholarly Publishing has announced the dates for its 2023 Journals Academy, a comprehensive virtual training programme for professionals and students in scholarly journals publishing. The programme spans three sessions of virtual training (nine hours in total) taking place on [ read more ]

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8 November 2023

We all make mistakes – even the most skilled and highly experienced editors can drop the ball, lose focus, and not see the wood for the trees (and even mix their metaphors ….). So if you’ve felt that ghastly stomach-churn when you [ read more ]

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3 November 2023

Thinking of taking the plunge and going it alone as a publishing freelancer? The Publishing Training Centre (PTC) and the Society of Young Publishers Wales have partnered together to present a special webinar, ‘How to be a successful publishing freelancer’ – a [ read more ]

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25 October 2023

Are you the managing editor of a journal who is at a crossroads regarding your journal’s relationship X (formerly Twitter)?

If your publisher is nervous about continuing its association with a platform which is increasingly attracting unsavoury content and steadily losing your core [ read more ]

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12 October 2023

The peer review process for academic journals has always had its shortcomings, and there have been various attempts at overhauling or completely redesigning the process. But can the fundamental goal of maintaining the quality and integrity of research be achieved given that [ read more ]

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4 October 2023

It’s World Space Week (October 4–10, 2023)!

Whether you’re fascinated by space exploration and the many inventions and discoveries that have originated from the space industry, or seeking to enter the industry itself, you can find many ways to participate and celebrate at [ read more ]

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