Proofreading and proof-editing

Your project has come back as a proof from the typesetter or graphic artist: now it needs a thorough check to ensure that the copy has been correctly set and the formatting style has been properly applied – it needs proofreading. The aims are to:

  • Check the proof word-for-word against the original copyedited draft, marking any typesetting errors in copy flow, formatting, pagination and display elements – such as figures, tables and footnotes
  • Fix any errors that were missed during copyediting

If your document was unedited before it went for typesetting and layout, it will need proof-editing. This is a more in-depth review, similar to copyediting, in addition to the proofreading checks for typesetting errors.

Whether it is proofreading or proof-editing that you require, I can either mark your proofs using BSI proof marks or annotate PDFs using Adobe Acrobat. I can also produce a report outlining any language, formatting or structural inconsistencies, and suggest appropriate solutions.