23 February 2024

In a fascinating post by Teresa Kubacka for ‘The Scholarly Kitchen’, she shares her adventures in beta-testing the new ScopusAI tool, which was released last summer. Her testing, using her PhD research topic, revealed a bewildering randomness in the retrieval and analysis [ read more ]

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31 January 2024

I wish I had long tracts of uninterrupted time to wallow in a good book – but life and all its various distractions makes it almost impossible for me to spend guilt-free hours doing nothing but sit alone in a warm, comfortable [ read more ]

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29 January 2024

I’ve never disguised my pessimism about the threatened use of artificial intelligence to automate the editorial quality control of copy, but there’s no denying that when it comes to the heavy lifting involved with spotting plagiarism and manipulation, AI does not tire, [ read more ]

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17 January 2024

I’m a relative newcomer to ‘The Conversation’ but I find myself turning to it with increasing frequency as a source of thought-provoking, succinct news articles that don’t just go for the killer headline or regurgitate the stale contents of an endless echo-chamber, [ read more ]

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10 January 2024

More than ever, diligent fact-checking before releasing a publication into the wild is absolutely essential in a media industry that is already awash with individuals and sources all claiming to be authoritative and reliable, not to mention the nefarious use of generative [ read more ]

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22 December 2023


I have to admit that year ago I was very apprehensive about going freelance, and was torn between being comfortably caged by a salary and riding the freedom bus [ read more ]

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13 December 2023

Information is power, and there are few tools in scholarly publishing more powerful than altmetrics. But in an online world where perspectives are fast becoming skewed by AI, will altmetrics continue to be a trusted measure of how much of an impression [ read more ]

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12 December 2023

I’m a person whose happy place is a mythical wonderland of orderly, correctly filed information, traceable data records, comprehensive style templates and all-round resource efficiency. I know – a real party animal! Which is why I was drawn into Andrea Chiarelli’s post [ read more ]

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