We’ve all been there … you’ve become fluent and efficient using your favourite software package, because it does that thing which really makes life easier for you and lets you get on with your job without having to figure out how to navigate the functionality. Then you take the plunge and finally cave in to the constant pleadings to upgrade to the latest version and … that thing – that really useful feature – is gone, or replaced by something with so many useless bells and whistles that all it does it make your day run slower and your blood pressure run sky high.

Bruce Rosenblum’s post in ‘The Scholarly Kitchen’ muses over just such a problem regarding the Modern Comments feature in Word, which I wholly identified with, while simultaneously grinning at the absurdity of it all. Feel the frustration for yourself at: https://scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org/2023/03/21/modern-comments-and-their-discontents-when-an-update-isnt-an-improvement/