My latest delve into the news stories in and around language, editing and state of STEM publishing has predictably revealed a sustained buzz around AI and its ramifications.

‘Publishing Perspectives’ has posted an article summarising the results of an Oxford University Press study of over 2300 researchers, entitled Researchers and AI. The big picture reveals that 76% of researchers are already using AI across all stages of the research process (mainly in the form of machine translations, chatbots and AI-powered search engines or research tools). However, there is widespread concern over how AI will impact academic research more generally. Read the whole post at:

Meanwhile, ‘The Hub’ discusses a new report on AI and the creative industries, concluding that publishers are already overusing AI for content creation and citing various examples of ripping off or exploiting original content. Read the whole post at:

By the way, I’m human, in case you were wondering … although I fail at least one of those ‘prove you’re not a bot’ tests to access online content each week.