The European Association of Science Editors has launched a series of quick-reference infographic guides for journal reviewers and editors.

The infographic for journal editors is ‘Selecting Peer Reviewers in 7 Steps’ and includes tips on how to consider what expertise is required, how to search and select reviewers, and how to consider concepts of demographics, diversity and inclusivity.

There are two infographics for reviewers – the first is a useful list of ‘Dos and Don’ts of Peer Review’; the second is ‘Completing your review in 10 steps’, which provides links and resources on how to write a review report for journals, including how to evaluate the quality of a report and provide clear constructive feedback, how to structure major and minor comments and support your statements, and how to raise ethical issues and concerns with the editors.

You can download the infographics, and also watch a short video to get a guided tour, at